New post - 'An intro to agile for new devs'

The core of my skillset is front end, including expertise in React, page load performance, accessibility and authoring UI component libraries. I also have 8 years’ solid experience of Node.js.

I understand every angle of a successful agile team including user-centred research and design, continuous delivery, TDD, test automation & strategy, pairing and shared ownership of quality and dev-ops.

I have skills in:


scalable CSS including CSS-in-JS




page performance




progressive enhancement

TDD & unit tests

BDD & end-to-end tests

responsive / mobile web



rapid prototyping

Slides: Front end architecture and page load speed

“Speed is a feature” and I think the trend of templating the initial page render on the client negatively impacts performance, and also robustness and device independence.

Don’t get me wrong, Backbone, async updates and responsive web apps are all fantastic and I use them enthusiastically. But I think they should build on a solid first delivery of the page as markup – it will work more consistently on the ridiculously wide range of devices out there. You’re then taking fewer risks in the “hostile environment of the browser”. I think someone once called it Progressive Enhancement…

Twitter’s recent rebuild shows they came to the same conclusion.

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