New article - 'Front end development at the FT'

The core of my skillset is front end and I’ve added over 3 years’ solid experience in Node.js and React. I have a good handle on the array of developments in the Javascript space, plus the experience to know which of them to benefit from. I’m passionate about web performance and know how to measure and achieve it.

I understand every angle of a successful agile team including cross-disciplinary collaboration, user-centred testing and design, lean UX, early & continuous delivery, TDD, test automation and how to funnel business requirements through user stories.

I have skills in:

React / Redux

scalable CSS


page load performance




progressive enhancement

TDD & automated tests





rapid prototyping

React Native

Update - AP Video Hub

I was involved in the build of AP Video Hub in 2012 and the site has enjoyed huge growth since.

It was one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever worked on and a bit of a coming of age for me as a developer. I took charge of the front end architecture and had to justify my decisions to my colleagues, not without occasional opposition! Every person in the room was senior level.

When you get a good front end dev (that's me!) and a talented designer together you can really make an interface sing.

I was very proud of the result, it proved that a real-time app can be built with the speed and robustness that are gained from using progressive enhancement.

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